ZEV (Zero Emissions Vehicles)

ZEV stands for zero emissions vehicle. It is an increasingly popular solution for organisations looking to transition to a better, greener, and more sustainable fleet of vehicles. Evenergi will help you avoid common pitfalls as you undertake your migration to an optimised ZEV fleet.

As the name indicates, zero emissions vehicles do not release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Whereas internal combustion engine vehicles run on petroleum fuels, zero emissions vehicles use clean, renewable energy sources. They do not have a harmful effect on air quality or the environment at large.

ZEVs come in two principal forms, namely electric vehicles (EVs) and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles (FCEVs).

In the case of EVs, the vehicles are battery powered and run on a charge/discharge cycle. On the other hand, FCEVs rely on fuel cell technology which converts hydrogen fuel into electricity. They do not require recharging.

Given how much the global transport sector contributes to greenhouse gas emissions at present, transitioning to a ZEV fleet is a vitally important action against climate change. Evenergi has a proven track record of success when it comes to facilitating a smooth, efficient, and economic ZEV migration.

Numerous variables must be examined when choosing a ZEV fleet. No two clients are alike; each has a unique set of requirements that impact the decision making process. We streamline that process for you by delivering customised, data driven information that is both sophisticated and easy to understand and implement.

In helping you assemble a comprehensive framework for your ZEV transition, Evenergi will perform detailed analyses of key aspects of your organisation as well as your operational environment. These include vehicle technology, energy infrastructure, fleet policies, staff engagement, electricity markets, and more.

The consequent insights allow you to make informed decisions regarding the selection, procurement, optimisation, and long-term management of a ZEV fleet.

Wondering how to get started on your transition journey? We’d love to talk to you.

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