Electricity Network Providers

Using our industry supported technology, we work with Electricity Network Providers to provide accurate modeling and unmatched insight into the demands that may be placed on your network in the future.

Zero Emissions Transport Advisory
A cost effective, accurate, fast and flexible platform to help you understand, optimise and manage the transition to a zero emissions future from your region.
Create a digital twin of your area and build a future understanding of where charging infrastructure will likely emerge.
Use sensitivity analysis to understand the potential future states, based on a range of assumptions.
Control your network with real-time interventions.
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A market leading advisory with experts spanning energy, policy, automotive and transport planning. Take advantage of insights, research and implementation capabilities to support your transition to a zero emissions future.
Energy infrastructure
Fleet planning and procurement
Techno-economic modelling
Policy, market research and stakeholder management
Grants and collaborations
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Understand the full impact of EVs on your whole system, including scheduling optimisations and operating costs
Access granular detail on potential network dependencies across residential and commercial areas
Map your entire network in weeks rather than months
Streamline your operations to maximise efficiency
Focus on the important challenges with data led recommendations for long term decision making.
Control your network with real-time data and charging algorithms to keep you moving.
AEMO – Australian Energy Market Operator
The Distributed Energy Integration Program (DEIP) is a collaboration of government agencies, market authorities, industry and consumer associations aimed at maximising the value of customers’ Distributed Energy Resources (DER) for all energy users.
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