Why Evenergi?

We understand that the pathway to electrification can be complex and uncertain. There are technical, economic and people issues to deal with and for the risk adverse it can happen too slowly and lead to missed opportunities.

Evenergi provides a cost effective, accurate and fast solution that accelerates the transition to zero emissions transport

  • Proven customer success
  • Zero emissions transport is all we do
  • World leading zero emissions transport technology
  • Independent – 100% vendor agnostic
  • We deliver results, fast
  • Value for money
Benefits of working with us

Make it accurate

Our leading BetterFleet software is the most trusted in the industry with clear evidence of accuracy in the market when comparing emulated and actual results. The platform is being recognised in its adoption in the US, Canada, the UK and Singapore.

Make it simpler

Our team of experts, along with our BetterFleet platform is able to turn a range of data inputs in to scalable and flexible insights. We’ll use key data to set you off on the right path, making it simpler for you in providing powerful decision making tools for your team and consulting partners.

Make it cost effective

By making use of the software nature of our approach, we optimize costs across planning, procurement, implementation and operation to ensure our customers get the best value for money.

Make it fast

Our speed to market and agility is unmatched. We have a proven ability to deliver results in short time periods and our automated platforms accelerate the ability to iterate outcomes after customer feedback in minimal time.
Meet our Managing Partner for North America, Sasha Pejcic

As managing partner for North America, Pejcic is responsible for customer experience, operations, growth, strategy and performance management as well as being Evenergi’s Global Bus Lead, lending his technical knowledge and expertise to the firm’s bus fleet projects internationally.

An active leader in the transit community, Sasha Pejcic is an Eno Center for Transportation leadership alumnus and serves on the board of directors for the Ontario Public Transit Association (OPTA), as well as the Zero Emission Bus Task Force for the California Transit Association.

He is additionally involved with numerous industry committees for APTA, CUTA and CTA, and he recently authored a chapter on ZEBs for the best-selling book, The Future of Public Transportation. Pejcic was named to Mass Transit’s Top 40 Under 40 in 2018.

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