Gippsland Climate Group

Charging the regions
Project nameCharging the regions
Client nameGippsland Climate Group
The ClientGippsland Climate Group was funded by the Victorian State Government and comprises five local governments. The group of councils were looking to understand the potential investment in charging infrastructure.
Product or services providedZET Advisory


Client industryGovernment
The BriefAs well as understanding the potential investment in charging infrastructure, Gippsland Climate Group wanted to also identify the potential business models they could adopt to gain investment from grants, private sector or as a commercial enterprise directly. 
The ApproachEvenergi was commissioned to create a regional charging infrastructure plan across a large part of regional Victoria. The project involved working closely with councils to understand:
  • Existing infrastructure and modelling of the increase in charging infrastructure demand over time.
  • Travel data, analysis of appropriate charging locations based on site suitability, and our BetterFleet algorithms, tourism maps, network constraints, EV adoption analysis, technology assessment. 

As a result, Evenergi provided

  • A charging infrastructure tool-kit for local councils and internal presentation material to enable selling to internal stakeholders within councils
  • Advice around planning regulation alignment between five councils to harmonise the process of approvals for new charging infrastructure
  • Provision of a strategic plan and direction for how the councils should participate in the value chain for charging infrastructure provision
The ResultEvenergi developed a regional charging infrastructure plan based on a range of inputs. We worked closely with key personnel within each council to ensure a foundation of capability was being seeded, finally presenting train-the-trainer workshops to support overall skills as well as alignment across the region.

The report is currently being lodged to await for significant funding from the state government and has helped with attracting private investment.

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