Go-Ahead Singapore

Electric Bus Network Study
Project name Electric bus network study
Client name The Singapore Land Transport Authority (LTA) and Go-Ahead Singapore
The Client The Singapore Land Transport Authority (LTA) has made a commitment to the implementation of a clean energy bus fleet by 2040 (including hybrid, electric and hydrogen buses). Go Ahead Singapore currently operate Loyang depot, which contains close to 400 buses. Go-Ahead singapore runs 30 routes in Singapore with over 900 employees and a contract value of over $500 M 
Product or services provided ZET Advisory


Client industry Bus Operators
The Brief The LTA were interested to see how this fleet could be electrified and what operational impacts this may have and launched a collaborative process to work with operators to develop the potential future bus electrification strategy. Go Ahead needed a way to quickly analyse their existing bus routes to present some alternatives to the transit authority. They needed a robust answer, and they needed it quickly.
The Approach Go-Ahead and Evenergi worked in partnership to model 60%, 80% and 100% electrification scenarios using scheduling data from the existing fleet of buses.

Using Evenergi’s multi-physics based software BetterFleet, a digital twin of the depot was created and electrification scenarios were modelled. Very granular modelling was conducted, running every bus on every route and looking at the impacts of factors such as passenger load, air conditioning and vehicle type to determine suitability for electrification.

The Result Evenergi developed a fleet transition and infrastructure plan and  provided a strategy that will lead to significant investment in new electric buses and infrastructure in Singapore

The results of the modelling have shown that up to 100% electrification of the existing fleet can be achieved with minimal to no impact to the existing operations and Peak Vehicle Requirement (PVR).

Evenergi continues to work closely with the Go-Ahead group and the Singapore LTA today to help support their vision to become a clean energy fleet by 2040.

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