Public EV charging performance study
Project name Public EV charging performance study
Client name NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
The Client The NSW Government has established an array of programs in support of net zero emissions by 2056. These include key pillars such as the Future Transport Technology Roadmap and the Future Transport 2056 strategy. The 2056 strategy sets the 40-year vision, directions and principles for customer mobility in NSW, guiding transport investment over the longer term. It is focused on 6 principles:

  • Customer focused
  • Successful places
  • A strong economy
  • Safety and performance
  • Accessible services
  • Sustainability

In March 2020, Matt Kean MP, announced the first stage of the Net Zero Plan focused on the period 2020 – 2030. The Net Zero Plan Stage 1: 2020-2030 is the foundation for NSW’s action on climate change and goal to reach net zero emissions by 2050. It outlines the NSW Government’s plan to grow the economy, create jobs and reduce emissions over the next decade.

The Net Zero Plan Stage 1 commitment and Future Transport NSW Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Plan articulate the role of zero emissions transport in the broader net zero emissions commitment. The project is part of the Electric Vehicle Infrastructure and Model Availability Program, a component of the NSW Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Plan. 

Product or services provided Electric vehicle and charger testing Client industry Government
The Brief As part of the NSW Net Zero 2050 plan, the NSW Government is undertaking a study to analyse charging performance of BEVs under different public, fast charging scenarios with the objective of disseminating information on BEV charging performance. This information will assist drivers in understanding and planning for publicly charging their vehicle and creating a reliable data-set for internal decision making within the Department of Planning Industry and Environment (DPIE). 

Requirements included:

  • Desktop research to establish market context and understanding within the team
  • Test planning and documentation
  • Test-drives and logistics
  • Data capture and analytics
  • Desktop research
  • Creation of an internal report for DPIE
  • Data presentation and communications to a broad audience
The Approach Evenergi brought together key industry partners NRMA, Tesla, Hyundai, Chargefox and Geotab to coordinate and deliver a complex vehicle and charger testing regime. A carefully crafted testing regime was undertaken to deliver raw charging and driving performance data via charger-side and vehicle-side data collection. Detailed and time-stamped performance attributes were extracted to deliver clear insights into AC and DC public charger performance across different vehicles and charger power.

Project components:

  • Desktop review
  • Creation of hypothesis to be tested
  • Vehicle sourcing 
  • Charging site identification
  • Training and briefing of test drivers
  • Test objectives and test plans
  • Conducting testing
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Development of the final report
The Result Evenergi’s abilities to synthesise bulk data provided detailed insights into public charging performance across different vehicles and charger power levels. These insights were presented in raw form and further synthesized into key messaging for public consumption. 

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