ACT Government

Aspects of Transitioning to EVs
Project name Aspects of Transitioning to EVs
Client name ACT Government
The Client ACT Government is the governing body that manages the Australian Capital Territory, an area with 430,000 residents. It is responsible for (amongst other things) health, education and transport, policing and garbage collection. ACT has a target for 100% renewable energy by 2020 and is now looking to lead the world in electrification of transport. In 2019 it committed to electrification of 100% of its passenger vehicle fleet – representing over 600 vehicles and in 2020 will announce a series of other measures including electrification of its bus fleet
Product or services provided ZET Advisory Industry State Government
The Brief This project was one of the next steps in ACT’s actions to reduce the impacts of climate change as part of the Climate Change Strategy, and satisfied existing commitments made under the Zero Emissions Vehicles Action Plan 2018-2021. 

The ACT Government has ambitious targets, and required detailed understanding of all policy interventions available, and a deep dive into a number that show promise. There was a very tight delivery deadline and complex internal and external stakeholder management to consider. 

The Approach In response to the ACT request, Evenergi provided the following services: 

  • An international review of best practice regulatory approaches
  • Gap analysis in terms of similarities and differences with ACT context, including:
  • Market review of fleets in the ACT
  • Understanding of key use cases for fleets in the ACT
  • Stakeholder engagement to understand the barriers to adoption for fleets in the ACT
  • Holding online collaborative workshop and surveys with local fleets
  • Analysis of complementary measures that could be pursued in the ACT and potential impacts
  • Report on international and local best practices, analysis of local ACT context including local fleets, barriers and opportunities and example business cases, and a set of clear and concise regulatory and complementary measures.
The Result Evenergi delivered breakthrough research findings that helped to inform policy decisions and clearly identified a concise set of policy interventions to promote transitioning to electric vehicles in the ACT.  

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