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The power of purpose, transformative technology, niche expertise, and partnerships at the nexus of energy and mobility markets

Our mission

Evenergi is a rapidly growing eMobility software provider and consultancy, driving towards a sustainable transport future. All our projects revolve around helping organisations and communities manage the transition to zero-emissions transport options.


We are delivering transformative projects for the public sector, energy distributors, the logistics sector, and bus fleets. Our clients include dozens of local, state and federal governments, and organisations such as Ausgrid, AGL, NRMA and other blue-chip companies. We operate in Australia, Europe and Singapore.

We pride ourselves on our enduring customer partnerships. We have many repeat clients, and all our clients provide strong recommendations. 

Our core values

Clear and transparent

We always call it like it is. We are honest to our customers and to each other. When putting forward documents, code or information of any sort we do not embellish, we get to the point and provide clear methodical answers to questions.


We strive to transform the industries we are in. We learn fast so we can come up with solutions that push beyond incremental change and deliver customer-focused solutions that deliver multiple improvements to our customers and communities.

Eco active

We are driven to improve the state of the environment in which we live. We are bound by a joint commitment to this goal and we are passionate about finding ways to achieve it in our projects and products.

Empathy for customers and each other

We put ourselves in the shoes of our customers when we deliver projects and products. We try to truly understand their problems so we can offer solutions that make a real difference in their business and personal lives.

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We strive to make sure our peers and our clients are able to perform to the best of their ability





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