Why are we recommending Tonik Energy ?

Tonik is the lowest cost green energy provider in the market, and pretty much the lowest cost in the market. They have a strong commitment to the electric vehicle space and are committed to reducing your energy consumption as well as your energy costs - a critical aspect of a forward-thinking energy retailer who aims to build long-term relationships with their customers. 



Tonik truly shares the values of Evenergi as a provider that focuses on both energy efficiency and low-cost renewable power. The basic idea here is that the most important way to reduce cost is to reduce energy usage. The most environmentally efficient and long-term approach to energy is to get solar (which has even more benefits if you have an electric vehicle), and then underlying this you need a great all round tariff. Read more

Tonik Energy Tariffs

Tonik is the lowest cost renewable energy supplier in the market and close to the lowest cost overall. They have the best value Economy 7 Tariff. For those who regularly charge at night, this can be a real cost saving.

£353 a year

Average saving for customers

switching from XXXX

Switch to OVO and we will give you £20 Green energy cash


other products

Tonik also provides a range of offers for EV drivers including solar, battery storage and EV charging stations.

Tonik energy

customer services

Tonik has quickly grown to 50,000 customers.

They have a four-star trust pilot review and are part of the energy switch guarantee - which makes sure that you will have no issues when changing to them

Our verdict

Tonik has a great all round tariff for EV drivers, has an ethos of future proofing your home and is committed to Electric Vehicle Drivers

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