About us

Evenergi is a software-as-a-service company and eMobility consultancy, driving towards a sustainable future


Our vision is for every car and home to be powered by sustainable energy


Our mission:

Accelerate migration to sustainable eMobility

Our core values

We are a hive-mind of EV lovers, a passionate energy professionals and technologists. Both our founders, Daniel Hilson and Nick Butlin, have worked for several start-ups and global businesses in the Clean Technology area. They have teamed with automotive experts to build Evenergi with a total focus on better customer outcomes.




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Daniel Hilson

CEO Founder

Third startup business.

Managed many significant  projects globally in the energy and mobility domains

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Nai-Ying Kuo

Senior Software Delivery Manager

Extensive experience in product innovation, consulting and delivery.

SCRUM master qualified.

Master of Sustainability focused on sustainable mobility

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Max Zaporoshenko

National Manager eMobility Infrastructure

Electrical engineer with experience spanning the full spectrum; from technical design and implementation of generation and distribution systems, to energy retailing, compliance with regulatory frameworks and financial modelling of complex new business models for decentralised systems. Max also has a bachelor degree in finance.

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Sohrab Nizami

eMobility Research Lead

An electrical power system engineer and researcher with expertise in electrical network modelling and analysis; demand response and energy management systems; and developing optimisation algorithms for effective management of distributed energy resources (including solar PV, battery storage systems, and electric vehicles).
With over 25 scientific articles in high-impact peer-reviewed journals and flagship conferences, he has a Ph.D. in Electrical Power and Energy Systems.

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Nick Butlin

CTO Co-founder

Serial entrepreneur including being a founding member of one of Europe's most successful energy platforms

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Gerardo Zarazua de Rubens

Head of Development and Consulting Europe

Extensive experience in research and commercial projects on e.mobility and Energy including vehicle-to-grid (V2G).

Over 30 scientific and industry-focused publications.

PhD in energy and climate mitigation technologies.

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Ashley Mutch

Operations Manager

Keeping the operational side of the company running smoothly, while the technical and marketing gurus get on with creating industry-leading apps and systems.

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Lynnard Cucksey

Manager eMobility

Wealth of experience gained in senior private and public leadership roles in automotive and eMobility roles across start-ups (including his own), Australian Government, ACT Government, South Australian Government and in private enterprise including GM Holden. An Electrical Engineer by training, Lenny also has a Graduate Diploma of Business Management.

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Sohaib Safique

Data Expert/Energy Consultant

An Electrical Engineer with research experience in developing algorithms, analyzing data and applying optimization techniques, coupled with extensive field experience in operations, maintenance and process optimization.
PhD in analyzing the impacts of electric vehicles on the electric power grid

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Will Bean

eMobility Consultant

Strong foundational knowledge of science and technology.

Offers a skill set of data analysis, modelling and technical writing

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