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The power of purpose, transformative technology, niche expertise, and partnerships at the nexus of energy and mobility markets

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Daniel Hilson

CEO, Founder

Daniel has 15 years of experience delivering state significant energy and mobility projects. He sets strategic direction, is lead consultant on major projects and works as an advocate for zero-emissions transport. He holds a MComm and MEnv Sci.

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Max Zaporoshenko

Manager, eMobility Infrastructure

Electrical engineer with experience spanning the full spectrum; from technical design and implementation of generation and distribution systems, to energy retailing, compliance with regulatory frameworks and financial modelling of complex new business models for decentralised systems. He holds Bachelor degrees in Finance and Electrical Engineering.


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Helga Prochaska

eMobility Strategic Advisory Lead

Helga has extensive experience executing corporate strategies for Fortune 500 organisations and has a passion to help organisations accelerate the future of sustainable energy. She has accumulated a wealth of technical expertise in energy management, sustainability, and designing and building solar electric vehicles. She holds a Master of Commerce and Bachelor of Engineering.

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Rebecca Karsai

Business Development Manager

Rebecca has 20 years experience in strategy, leadership and business development in Australia and Internationally.

Rebecca is a relationship builder, educator and strategic thinker with the ability to formulate and successfully implement strategic plans

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Ashley Mutch

Operations Manager

Keeping the operational side of the company running smoothly, while the technical and marketing gurus get on with creating industry-leading apps and systems.

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Nick Butlin

CTO, Co-Founder

Serial entrepreneur including being a founding member of one of Europe's most successful demand aggregation platforms and energy retailer, and helping with implementation of pan European charging infrastructure networks.  He is a Chartered Engineer, has an MEng in Mechanical Engineering and a CIMA Adv. Dip. in Management Accounting 

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Gerardo Zarazua de Rubens

Head of Development and Consulting Europe

Gerardo has over 8 years of experience on eMobility and  energy systems across Europe, North America and sub-Saharan Africa. He is a consultant and business developer leading strategic engagements across Europe. He holds a PhD on eMobility and V2G supported by a portfolio of over 35 co-authored scientific publications. 

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Sohaib Safique

Energy and Data Consultant

Sohaib has over 4 years of research experience in eMobility coupled with 6 years of industry experience in process optimization. His key areas of expertise include modelling of electrical networks, electric vehicles, and optimisation of distributed energy resources. He is pursuing a PhD on the impacts of eMobility on electric grid. He has co-authored 11 scientific publications.

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Usama Irshad

eMobility Consultant

Usama has 5 years of research and academic experience in eMobility and electrical power systems. He is pursuing a PhD on smart grid incorporating electric vehicles. His key areas of expertise include EV charging management and optimisation of distributed energy resources. He has authored and co-authored 18 scientific publications.

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Shadman Habib

eMobility Analyst

Final year Electrical Engineering student with a strong understanding of power and control systems design and analysis. Also offering an adaptable skillset in data analysis and programming to build financial models and run simulations within an engineering focused environment.

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Lynnard Cucksey

Manager, eMobility

Wealth of experience gained in senior private and public leadership roles in automotive and eMobility sectors across start-ups (including his own), Australian Government, ACT Government, South Australian Government and in private enterprise including GM Holden. An Electrical Engineer by training, Lenny holds a Grad. Dip. in Business Management.

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Warner Priest

Special Advisor,

Hydrogen Solutions

 Warner has 29 years in the energy sector with a focus on smart sustainable energy solutions and is a world leader in the integrated hydrogen solutions value-chain. He has supported the drafting of both state and national hydrogen strategies / roadmaps. Developed and delivered Australia’s first and largest renewable hydrogen solution in South Australia for AGIG.  Authored and delivered several CIGRE papers, is an Electrical Engineer NHD Elec Eng HC with a Postgraduate Certificate in Business Management.

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Will Bean

eMobility Consultant

Strong foundational knowledge of science and technology.

Offers a skill set of data analysis, modelling and technical writing. Will holds Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical and Biomolecular) and Bachelor of Science (Chemistry) degrees

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Srikanth Shastry

National eMobility Lead -  Transport systems design

Srikanth has over 15 years of work experience during which he has worn many hats: programmer, researcher, transport planner, policy analyst. He holds a Masters' degree in Civil Engineering and Management (specialising in Transportation) and a Bachelors' degree in Mechanical Engineering

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eMobility Analyst intern

Gazinga is joining the team as an intern while completing her PhD, helping to develop practical solutions that can resolve challenges that face the adoption of EV in Australia. 

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