Future mobility consulting: Public Sector

Leading the transition to an efficient, productive and sustainable mobility future


Local authorities are uniquely positioned to lead the transition to an efficient, productive and sustainable mobility future

Our market-leading experience and well established digital platforms will help you to accelerate this transition, deliver sophisticated insights, strategies and programs for your organisation and staff and businesses within your community, and to achieve your vision.

Helping local authorities to lead the transition to an efficient, productive and sustainable mobility future


Evenergi delivers consultancy to transition your own organisation and your community to a better transport future


Driving transitions within your community

  • Behavioural change 

  • Digital community engagement tools

  • Education platforms


Green your own light commercial fleet

  • Strategic transition plans

  • Stakeholder engagement plans

  • Infrastructure installation plans

  • Tender documentation preparation


Determine the right level of charging infrastructure for your organisation and community

  • Managing long term grid capacity issues

  • Strategic regional infrastructure mapping

  • Charging infrastructure, solar car parking design and procurement


Green your own bus and heavy vehicle fleet

  • Bus analysis and trials

  • Garbage delivery trials

  • Grid integration challenges

Evenergi’s platforms enable us to deliver your projects in the most cost and time effective way possible


Your local authority needs to plan and manage a fleet that is rapidly shifting to a low carbon, electric, shared, connected and autonomous future. 


BetterFleet is the most cost effective, comprehensive and efficient way to plan and manage the transition to future fleet.


BetterFleet can also be set-up as a free service for the business fleets in your community to use and join the decarbonisation journey.

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Your local authority needs to know how charging infrastructure should be planned, how it will impact the grid and understand how your electric vehicles will perform and degrade over time. 

GridFleet™ allows the simulation of charging networks and electric vehicle performance within your constituency to optimise the way you buy, use and replace electric vehicles and infrastructure.


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Accelerate the transition to low emission vehicles in your community, while also stimulating local industry and reducing transaction costs for individuals. 

A unique electric vehicle purchasing customer journey that optimises purchase process and allows for cross selling value-added products such as insurance, finance, charging infrastructure and energy contracts.

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Case studies

Fleet transition


+10,000 vehicles

We assisted local authorities to rapidly and cost-effectively develop wide ranging fleet transition plans

Fleet transition


+30,000 vehicles

Over 100 local authorities currently using the BetterFleet platform

Community engagement platform

+5,000 end users engaged

Worked on four successful major community engagement programs aimed at behavioural change through implementation of technology, educational material and engagement programs.

Charging infrastructure planning

+2,000 chargers mapped

Helped major authorities to rapidly create regional charging infrastructure plans based on existing tools and methodologies

Evenergi is delivering many key projects for local authorities