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Zero Emissions Vehicles (ZEV) strategy

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

Evenergi supported the ACT Government in the transition to Zero Emissions Vehicles (ZEV) through engagement by the Climate Change and Sustainability Division, analysing vehicle fleet data and engaging with key fleet and procurement stakeholders to develop a plan for transitioning the fleet to zero emissions. Evenergi also produced the ‘Future of Zero Emission Vehicles in the ACT factsheet’ available on the Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate website.

The challenge

The ACT government had made a significant commitment to electrification of its entire fleet. They required a partner to help them to create a fleet transition plan, a charging infrastructure strategy across over 50 sites and run stakeholder engagement including workshops and creation of communications documents (one internal to the ACT Government and one for the broader community) .

The approach

Evenergi created a organisation wide vehicle analytics database (previously it had only been done by department), ran analytics to determine the ideal vehicles for transition based on:

  • Detailed total cost of ownership modelling using BetterFleet

  • Site evaluations of key sites to understand potential charging infrastructure installation costs

  • Opportunities for optimisations based on shuffling vehicles between facilities, improved productivity, changing fleet policies

Evenergi created a detailed infrastructure implementation plan that included

  • Electrical and civil engineering review of 50 sites at a high level and then 10 sites in detail to provide cost estimates and technical design

  • Review of two major new facilities and advice around “future proof” infrastructure for each site

  • Analysis and documentation of all technical standards required for RFQ brief

Evenergi stakeholder engagement approach included:

  • Development of detailed engagement strategy

  • Two major workshops for entire staff of fleet and sustainability managers across all departments (25)

  • Development of staff engagement communications document

  • Development of community facing communications document

The outcome

Delivered the Fleet Transition Plan (FTP) for the largest fleet migration project in Australia to date – 600 vehicles and charging infrastructure.

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