South Australian Government - State wide charging infrastructure plan

We recently completed a piece of strategic work for the SA Government that analysed the state transport network to determine the appropriate scope and design for public charging infrastructure state-wide that would remove the perception and reality of charging as a barrier to EV uptake. The report also focused on what the appropriate role for government is in this space, and was designed to inform a Cabinet Submission for funding consideration.

The challenge

To determine and present a report on the minimum level of coverage and the minimum number of stations by location that would be required to achieve a level of state wide coverage that would effectively mitigate regional charging as a barrier for metropolitan and regional community EV uptake.

The approach

  • Route identification: The first step is to identify the key routes which were broken down into :

- Major connecting routes

- Traffic volumes

- Self-drive tourist maps

  • For each key route identified, EV traffic volume are forecast out to 2030

  • Locations are identified based on their ability to meet EV charging requirements. Each route is analysed using Evenergi’s model to determine battery state of charge along the route and stations are placed to facilitate journey enablement.

  • Select suitable charging technology and rating based on location type: stop-over, stay-over or overnight.

  • Identify the minimum viable network that will alleviate range anxiety for drivers and to help inform potential South Australian Government investment decisions.

  • Conduct global scan of best practise policy to ignite private investment in public charging infrastructure.

The outcome

The report has become a keystone in SA Government’s policy setting and planning to boost electric vehicle uptake in the state.

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