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Planning your staff mobility of the future is becoming more complex for organisations. The shift towards sustainable mobility with electric vehicle fleets, shared and on-demand mobility and sustainable transport, as well as  advances in remote and digital technologies, are bringing new opportunities such as cost optimisation competitive advantage and carbon reduction for organisations.

Evenergi has built a unique Staff Travel Survey platform to help you understand your staff travel attitudes, behaviours, requirements and constraints, enabling you to design strategy and interventions to influence behavioural change towards lower emissions transport.

Understand your staff

To support your staff’s transition to sustainable mobility you first need to understand their attitudes towards different transport options, their travel behaviours and practices, their individual requirements and constraints, and drivers of change. Our Staff Travel Survey platform will enable you to gather these unique insights so you can push the right buttons for behavioural change.

Get a data-driven report

The data from the travel survey feeds into a report with both quantitative and qualitative insights. These insights are used to create a dedicated behavioural nudge program to help change staff attitudes and behaviours accordingly, and a workplace travel plan to implement the changes and create a benchmark to track improvements over time.

Staff engagement

To encourage staff to complete the survey, there are lots of fun and engaging ways to get their travel data. It is important to clearly connect the survey with benefits to the staff, organisation and the greater good.

Evenergi Staff Travel Survey

Evenergi has built a staff travel survey platform based on significant behavioural science research and insights. It can reveal insights specific to your organisation for behavioural intervention. The survey can be customised with all data secured and accessible to you as required. It is designed and  structured to create data that can be fed directly into asset optimisation plans and staff travel planners. The platform is fully customisable and can be implemented as i-frame or accessed via API.

Let’s talk about your future staff e-mobility plan.

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