Lower your fleet emissions - from your sofa

Updated: Apr 1, 2020



With Covid-19 and related home isolation, there is a lot of talk at the moment about remote working, with many businesses adapting to working from home arrangements. Many people are now experiencing remote working at a completely new level.

Evenergi is a mobility business with a remote workforce. This was both an environmental decision and a necessity, since the organisation started in two countries with staff and suppliers across five countries. Over the past few years, we have learned a lot about how to effectively collaborate with our internal and external stakeholders remotely.

For many organisations, the opportunity at this time may be the time out from day to day sustainability or fleet operations, to take a step back, and think about your fleet transition strategy - streamline your pool, executive and leaseback fleet and put together a plan to move to an electric vehicle fleet to achieve your sustainable transport goals.

Working from home

First, our lessons learnt about the strategies to effectively work from home.

Culture is critical: Defining your culture and reframing it in the context of working from home is critical. A culture of accountability is much more important in a remote team - in our team if someone is not pulling their weight we know immediately

Don't isolate: Working from home can bring a sense of isolation. Video conferencing, celebrating wins, asking - "how are you going" is key.

Trust is essential: If you don't trust your team to work at home, then they might not be the right people to be working with in the first place. Base your evaluations around outcomes, not workload. We use Trello to track tasks between team members.

Overcommunicate: If you want your team to feel comfortable with working remotely, always err on the side of overcommunicating with understanding of requirements, solutions, deliverables, timeframes, and impediments, as well as how you are feeling.

Collaboration: enable collaboration in real-time using tools such as Slack and Google Suite, which were built for remote working. Larger businesses have much tighter security protocols but fleet managers and sustainability managers should be at the table arguing to simplify these.

Celebrate success: The more you work from home the less you get a vibe of the office culture. Even more than usual every win should be wholeheartedly celebrated.

Effective meetings: Remote meetings can be challenging and we still struggle to get them right. Having a clear agenda and purpose is critical as well as being clear what type of meeting it is - stand-ups, workshop, a presentation with feedback. Be present in meetings. It is tempting to multi-task, but it is deflating for others, remote or not.

Transition to a leaner, lower emissions fleet

Once you have settled into the routine of working from home, then consider using this time effectively to plan your fleet transition and form a strategy to transition to a leaner, lower emissions fleet.

At Evenergi, we've created a platform to help you create future fleet asset plans and analytics from anywhere - helping organisations optimise economic and environmental outcomes of transitioning to an electric, shared and connected fleet.

You can use this time at home to understand your current fleet and staff travel needs with our staff survey, browse and compare electric vehicles that suit your needs, and upload your data and play with your future asset replacement scenarios.

The process is simple - simply provide us with your fleet data from sources such as your asset registers, booking systems, log book systems or data, fuel card data or GPS systems, and we will do all the work with our free fleet management software Australia to generate the insights you need to form your strategy.

Sign up to BetterFleet here.

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