How the Evenergi Hub will save you money

Updated: Sep 27, 2018

At Evenergi, we set out to build an energy hub and monitor that uniquely meets the needs of EV owners. One that will save its users over a £100 per year.

There are countless in-home displays and energy apps on the market. All of them do much the same thing - present you your historical electricity usage (sometimes gas also) in varying degrees of detail and, if you’re lucky, instantaneous energy use too. If you’re like me, you initially found these energy tools interesting, perhaps for a month or so.

But slowly and surely the in-home display found its way to a cabinet drawer never to be seen again and the apps never get reopened.

Why? Because most in-home displays and energy apps fail spectacularly to deliver lasting value to their users, and especially for people who genuinely want to save money, energy or carbon.

And they fail even more for EV owners.

We saw a huge opportunity to help EV owners save money over the long term – assisting them to optimize how they use energy, how they charge, the tariff that they use, and to show clearly how to save energy to reduce costs. Our mission was to create an energy app that would find pride of place amongst on its user’s smartphone home screen. So no small challenge then!

This article explains how we are delivering on that vision.

Features available when you first use the app

Below are features available in the Evenergi Hub straight away:

  • Separation of home and car electricity use

  • Your daily and hourly usage

  • Live monitor

  • Ask a question

Let’s unpack them…

Separation of home and car electricity usage

Core value: “disaggregation” of energy costs

This feature is unique, globally. To achieve this, we collect a high resolution data stream of your home and EVs combined electricity use via the Evenergi Hub. Then we use a machine-learning algorithm to separate out the EV electricity usage from the home usage. This separation of electricity usage allows us to calculate the EV and home costs separately. It also becomes the basis for many features of the features in the app.

[Note: this feature currently has about a 90% accuracy but the more data we collect the better the accuracy will become.]

Your daily and hourly usage

Core value: Historical energy and cost understanding

With the EV and home electricity usage data separated, our first visual feature is the presentation of this data for you. Here we show you home and EV car usage on an hourly and daily basis. Selecting a particular day quickly shows you hour-by-hour energy usage and energy or cost statistics for the day in question. Selecting “hourly” from the header dropdown menu switches the graph and data to hourly information. In this mode you can also explore minute-by-minute data by selecting a particular hour.

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Live Monitor

Core value: Real time energy and cost understanding

Obtaining a high resolution data stream of energy data also means we can present to you a near real time picture of your home’s energy use. Here we provide you the last 15 minutes of electricity use, updated every 10 seconds. From this you can immediately see the effect of certain appliances and your EV charging being switched on or off.

You might like to try: Checking the app before leaving the house to ensure everything is turned off.

Ask a question

Core value: tapping expert knowledge

In the features above we have given you a lot of new information about your home and EV that you’re unlikely to have seen before. For the energy nerds amongst you this will be a rich treasure trove of insight. But for others this information might be new and overwhelming. As a big bunch of energy nerds ourselves we would love to help you if you need it. Nothing gets us more excited than diagnosing an energy load curve!

You might like to try: reaching out to us when you can’t figure out an energy issue.

Unlocked features after three months

Below are the incredible features you’ll have access to after we collect three months of data:

  • Tariff optimiser

  • Energy cost manager

  • Baseload manager

  • Incident identifier and notifications

  • Solar calculator

  • Charge time optimiser

Tariff optimiser

Core value: always being on the cheapest tariff

This is set to be one of our most exciting features. We will take your actual energy data as collected by the Evenergi Hub and then calculate how much you could save by swapping tariffs. “What’s so special about that” I hear you ask. Well this is no ordinary tariff comparison engine. This tariff optimizer has several unique features:

  • Compare Economy 7 and Standard tariffs side-by-side

  • Test what happens if you change your charging behaviour (i.e. your percentage of home charging or night time charging)

  • Present you not just lowest night time or daytime Economy 7 rates, but actually work out the best balance of tariff prices for your home based on actual usage patterns. (i.e. cheapest night time rates aren’t always best if it means your overall daytime costs end up outweighing your night time costs)

  • As new tariffs enter the market, the app will let you know if you should switch

  • When your fixed tariff is coming to an end it will notify you so you don’t end up on an expensive standard variable tariff

Saving potential: It will really depend how much of your time you currently dedicate to optimising your tariff regularly. OFGEM believes that most people could save £200 by swapping tariffs, we think a more modest average saving of £100 is probable for Evenergi customers initially (because you’re more on it!).

But over time we could save you a lot more by helping you onto the cheapest tariff when it becomes available, not when you remember to check what’s out there

Energy cost manager

Core value: reducing your usage during high cost periods

If, like most EV owners, you’re on Economy 7 tariff, you’ll need to manage when you charge and use your main appliances in the home. To assist with this, we’re creating a variant of the Your Usage screen that will help you to see how effectively you are working with your tariff. With the daily and hourly screens you’ll be able to check the split between peak and off-peak energy and cost and see how well you’re doing with charging in the off-peak.

Saving potential: if used regularly to subtly adjust how you run your home and car, it could save you around £30 p.a.

Baseload manager

Core value: understanding what’s always on in your home

Every home has devices that are always plugged in and always on, even if they might look otherwise. This includes your refrigerator, freezer, the standby of your home entertainment system amongst others things. With the baseload manager you’ll be able to understand how much this is costing you and then with the Live Monitor you’ll be armed with the tool to reduce those costs.

Savings potential: small changes to what’s always on might save you up to £20 p.a.

Incident identifier and notifications

Core value: we automatically let you know when a saving is possible

We are going to progressively add analytics to our app to help to identify opportunities to save energy. This will include letting you know if you’re burning it hard in peak price times, have stuff on when we’d normally expect it to be off, letting you know about new energy saving technology and much more.

Saving potential: hard to tell right now but we estimate £20-£30 per year.

Coming soon…

Solar calculator

Core value: working out whether solar is right for your home and EV

This is another super exciting feature. We’ll help you to work out highly accurate savings and return on investment for buying solar. As outlined in this article, solar and EVs are a match made in heaven and most solar calculators won’t help you to understand exactly how much of a match.

Saving potential: if this tool is the difference between buying and not buying solar which we think it will be for many of you, then we’ll claim credit for savings of about £400 per annum, thanks ;-).

Charge time optimiser

Core value: optimizing when to charge for lowest cost

If you have solar on your roof, is it better to charge today or tomorrow? We’ll be answering that question for you by integrating weather data into the app to let you know the best time to charge based on how regularly you need to charge and what your options are.

Savings potential: we are not exactly sure yet because we want to see the data first but it could be significant if you regularly plan to charge with the sun but might miss better Economy 7 times to charge or regularly misjudge the weather.

In summary…

The Evenergi Hub is an exciting, must have product for any EV owner. We think we can save the average user between £50 and £150 p.a. with the features planned. And these are just the features we plan for the immediate future. There are lots more cooking.

We also look forward to your feedback on these features and would love to hear your suggestions of others we could integrate into the app.

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