How can BetterFleet help you optimise your transition to a greener, leaner fleet?

Updated: Apr 1, 2020



Planning a future fleet is becoming even more complex for fleet and sustainability managers. The shift to electric vehicle fleet, shared vehicles and sustainable transport are bringing new risks and opportunities.

How do I cost effectively create a plan for my future fleet that will optimise financial and environmental outcomes? How do I do this without spending too much of my valuable time? How do I do this without creating undue risk for my organisation?

Betterfleet, powered by Evenergi, is the first free fleet management software in Australia built from the ground up to focus on these new dynamics. BetterFleet provides a platform and expert services to help organisations optimise economic and environmental outcomes of transitioning to an electric, shared and connected fleet.

What problems is BetterFleet trying to solve?

Transitioning your fleet to future transport brings new opportunities and challenges for organisations. A key challenge is how to align the operational realities of a fleet with the sustainability aspirations of an organisation. The questions you should be trying to answer are as follows:

  • With so little available time, how do you most rapidly analyse and plan your future fleet?

  • With limited financial resources - how do you invest the right amount at the right time to optimise financial and environmental gains for your organisation?

  • How do you bring together new stakeholder teams - from sustainability and fleet - to jointly create your transport future?

  • In a fast-moving environment, how do you ensure that plans are dynamic - not static documents?

  • In a new and fast changing space what risks need to be managed:?

  • How will electric vehicles perform in your specific environment?

Betterfleet software

Funded by ARENA, SA Government, Ausgrid, NRMA and NSW Government and developed in collaboration with the Electric Vehicle Council, 18 fleet managers and 15 sustainability managers, and input from AfMA, City Power Partnership and IPWEA - Betterfleet is used regularly by hundreds of fleet and sustainability managers across over 100 local governments and government bodies.

BetterFleet helps you create a powerful executive report in minutes. it has a powerful car operating cost calculator and fully customisable vehicle analytics tool and scenario analysis. BetterFleet is the most authoritative source of electric vehicle data in the market.

BetterFleet compares hundreds of vehicles and creates high level business models to evaluate vehicles based on cost, emissions, safety and other features. It uses a comprehensive localised cost engine including all taxes and duties, on-road costs and annual running costs. Every procurement analysis is fully customisable - financing structures, residual values, fuel costs, green power, servicing costs, FBT/BIK taxes. You can perform powerful scenario analysis based on holding periods, fuel inflation, and km procured.

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Betterfleet Bureau Services

To go further, Betterfleet provides a set of modules for asset replacement plans, electric vehicle charging station infrastructure planning, sustainability reporting, advanced procurement analysis for electric trucks, electric buses and electric vans and staff surveys and travel planning. Discover all modules

Future Fleet consulting

In addition, Evenergi standard fleet or low carbon transport electric vehicle consultants create comprehensive fleet strategic plans and transition plans, grant applications and advanced trials such as vehicle to grid.

Find out all about BetterFleet here.

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