Australian Federal Government case study - EV Information and Communication Package

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Evenergi delivered a consumer engagement strategy for the National EV Strategy (NEVS) team, designed to inform potential electric vehicle buyers whether an electric vehicle is appropriate for them.

The challenge

The National EV Strategy (NEVS) team from the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources (DISER) appointed Evenergi to undertake a global market scan, literature review, and Australian market gap analysis to articulate where the Federal Government could add the most value, and then developed a strategy, content plan and draft content and tools to enable execution of strategy.

The approach

  • Performed a high level global market scan of the electric vehicle landscape

  • Performed a gap analysis with global and local context and synthesis best practices

  • Proposed hypotheses to client based on both academic and case study evidence

  • Applied a user centred design approach to develop user segments and user journeys

  • Developed a content strategy based on insights from the research

  • Present a suite of information validated against hypotheses, user segments and user journeys

The outcome

Breakthrough research findings which synthesised technology adoption literature with existing Australian consumer context enabled a strong and practical position for the Federal Government to assist in enhancing customers ability to make informed decisions.

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