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Australian Energy Market Operator

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

The Distributed Energy Integration Program (DEIP) is a collaboration of government agencies, market authorities, industry and consumer associations aimed at maximising the value of customers’ Distributed Energy Resources (DER) for all energy users.

The challenge

This project contributes to the delivery of the DEIP EV Standards Taskforce (Taskforce) 2020 work plan. The objectives are:

  • Locate gaps in the EV grid integration standards landscape in Australia where the absence of a standard may lead to negative impact on consumers

  • Catalogue international standards that may be candidates for adoption/modification to cater for the identified gaps

The approach

  • Context setting - overview of current state of standards in Australia and potential for customer impacts related to standards implementation (or lack thereof)

  • Undertake a broad initial scan to identify key areas of the standards landscape for deeper analysis

  • Collaborate with AEMO and other Taskforce members to inform the direction of work and identify three to five priority standards areas for deeper research and analysis

  • Focused one on one sessions with identified stakeholders

  • Gap analysis against current state in Australia and analysis of local requirements

  • Engagement with the Taskforce via reference group meetings every two to four weeks, presenting findings and collating feedback from the group

  • Delivery of a draft report

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