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Approach to Market - EV Information and Communication Package

The Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources (DISER) required a Supplier to generate a suite of information on electric vehicles (EVs) and associated infrastructure that is tailored to Australian consumers. This information suite will likely be published as a first-point of reference for consumers seeking preliminary educational material on EVs and related infrastructure in the Australian context, and should be designed to assist consumers – including fleet purchasers – seeking authoritative Federal Government-generated information, especially before undertaking market-based and other research.

The challenge

The National EV Strategy (NEVS) team from the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources (DISER) appointed Evenergi to undertake a global market scan, literature review, and Australian market gap analysis to articulate where the Federal Government could add the most value, and then developed a strategy, content plan and draft content and tools to enable execution of strategy.

The approach

  • Performed a high level global market scan of the electric vehicle landscape

  • Performed a gap analysis with global and local context and synthesis best practices

  • Proposed hypotheses to client based on both academic and case study evidence

  • Applied a user centred design approach to develop user segments and user journeys

  • Developed a content strategy based on insights from the research

  • Present a suite of information validated against hypotheses, user segments and user journeys

The outcome

Breakthrough research findings which synthesised technology adoption literature with existing Australian consumer context enabled a strong and practical position for the Federal Government to assist in enhancing customers ability to make informed decisions.

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