ACT Government case study - Aspects of Transitioning to EVs

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Evenergi delivered a package of work in support of the Zero Emissions Vehicles (ZEV) Action Plan and ACT’s Climate Change Strategy, which included an extensive review of the business case for changing planning regulations to establish a minimum charging infrastructure in multi-unit/mixed-use residences, and research, analysis and production of business plans for the minimum charging infrastructure required to remove access to charging as a barrier to organic growth in ACT electric vehicles uptake, and similar work to develop policies and business cases to promote and support commercial fleet uptake and car park solar.

The challenge

This project is one of the next steps in ACT’s actions to reduce the impacts of climate change as part of the Climate Change Strategy. The ACT Government required the delivery of three important outcomes:

Outcome 1 - Making new apartments and mixed use developments electric vehicles ready

Outcome 2 - Promoting investment in public charging infrastructure (including solar powered car charging infrastructure)

Outcome 3 - Encouraging the electric vehicles transition of commercial fleets, and last mile commercial delivery

The approach

  • International review of best practice regulatory approaches

  • Gap analysis in terms of similarities and differences with ACT context

  • Market review of fleets in the ACT

  • Understanding of key use cases for fleets in the ACT

  • Stakeholder engagement to understand the barriers to adoption for fleets in the ACT

  • Hold on-line collaborative workshop or surveys (depending on feedback) with local fleets

  • Educative process focused on gaining buy-in to the process

  • Analysis of complementary measures that could be pursued in the ACT and potential impacts

  • Report on international and local best practices, analysis of local ACT context including local fleets, barriers and opportunities and example business cases, and a set of clear and concise regulatory and complementary measures.

The outcome

Breakthrough research findings that helped to inform policy decisions and clearly identified a concise set of policy interventions to promote transitioning to electric vehicles in the ACT.

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