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Key EV-related info widget


Includes range (NEDC, WLTP and Real range), Battery life, Charge time, Charger type

TCO ratings widget

Rates the estimated total cost of EV ownership including grant, taxes, repairs and maintenance, (per km, per year)

TCO calculator Full app

Estimates the total cost of EV ownership including interests of loan, grant, taxes,  fuel (ie energy) costs, repairs and maintenance (per km, per year)

Book a test drive widget


Just enter your post code and select the nearest EV dealer or your regular dealer



Key standard info widget


Includes year, mileage, color, trim features, options, train

EV-Drive suitability

Use this App with your exiting petrol or diesel car to help determine if range and charging will be an issue for you if you buy an electric vehicle

Charging suitability widget

Offers a charging configurators to help you finding the right charger for your EV and your needs (charger type, power, charger location)

EV knowledge bot widget


All your customer want to know EVs via a chatbot (Facebook Messenger). Defining your customer's need and find the right EV model

Environmental rating widget


Includes driving CO2 and NOx emissions, car and battery recycling manufacturer policy

Energy plan suitability widget


Help your customers finding the best energy package for EV drivers (including tariffs, customers services, 100% green energy)


Record trips to see if you would ever have charging issues with an electric car

Based on your typical journeys we can help you select the right electric vehicle

Understand where on your journeys you could charge your vehicles

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