Why are we recommending

OVO Energy ?

OVO has been an early mover to declare its commitment to Electric Vehicles. They were one of the first to introduce a specific EV tariff - the "EV Everywhere bundle" and have constantly shown a willingness to take a leadership position on partnerships and delivering new technological innovation to electric vehicle customers.  

Mass adoption of electric vehicles will completely revolutionise the energy sector,” OVO Energy CEO Stephen Fitzpatrick

OVO Energy Tariffs

OVO EV everywhere bundle is a 2 year fixed energy plan which can work with Economy 7 meters. Many of the currently low-cost providers in the market have fully variable tariffs which mean they can increase the price at any time.  While they are not the cheapest provider in the market, a fixed price tariff you have peace of mind there will be no price increases.



OVO Energy’s EV Everywhere tariff includes a Polar Plus subscription for free making it great value for those who regularly charge with public chargers. If you include the cost of having to buy a Polar Plus subscription into the cost of the other energy supplier tariffs. 

Save up to £150
per year

with OVO's EV Everywhere bundle 


Switch to OVO and we will give you £20 reen energy cash


The EV Everywhere tariff is 100% renewable electricity, backed by REGO certificates from a variety of renewable sources.

Since 2015, OVO started planting 5 trees in the UK for every new customer with the I Dig Trees programmes. So far half a million trees have been planted.

OVO energy

other products

OVO also provides a range of offers for EV drivers including innovative tech and smart products to help you manage your energy and drive your EV further

OVO energy

customer services

OVO has quickly grown to 680,000 and reaches a 93% customer satisfaction score (the highest ever score in the poll’s 10-year history).

They have a four-star trust pilot review and are part of the energy switch guarantee - which makes sure that you will have no issues when changing to them

Rated 8.7/10
17 751 reviews. Great.

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If your are a new Nissan Leaf driver, you may want to subscribe to OVO's free trial and test their Vehicle 2 Grid charger, launched in summer.

Our verdict

OVO has a great all round tariff for EV drivers, has an ethos of future proofing your home and is committed to Electric Vehicle Drivers

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