Future mobility consulting:
Mobility and sustainable transport

Consultancy driving towards a sustainable transport future


Build integrated consumer offerings and position yourself in the centre of the e.mobility ecosystem

Whether you are a motoring group, car-share company, car hire company, manufacturer or FMO, your share of the future of mobility will depend on how your customer offering and journey sits within the new mobility customer journey.

If you are a car hire company trying to work out how to deal with charging infrastructure challenges, an automotive company looking to understand how to best deal with the energy market or a car-share company looking to create personalised onboarding process, we can help.

Car share, car hire, ride share


Fleet management organisations

Bus operator

We can help you understand opportunities and challenges around:

  • Community, business and government engagement

  • Total cost of ownership models and review

  • Charging infrastructure planning

  • Industry value chains and engagement

  • Data collection and analytics

  • e.mobility business case development

  • Electricity market opportunities and challenges

  • Vehicle-to-grid integration

  • Low emission vehicle research

  • Staff training packages - for dealerships

  • Import and export markets

  • Australian Design Rules

  • e.mobility related Financing and Green Investment

  • Consumer psychology and behavioural economics

  • Digital platforms for EV knowledge

  • Electric vehicle engineering

  • Business investment

  • Sustainable transport options

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