Join a national coalition of automotive manufacturers, corporations,  government agencies, utilities coming together to make public commitments and share resources. 

Funding for this project has come from parties including Evenergi ARENA, NRMA, Ausgrid, NSW Government and South Australian government.


The process will be facilitated by Evenergi, who are specialist consultants in the area and who have run significant grants for ARENA, South Australian government and others previously.  We are supported by most manufacturers who have electric vehicle sin Australia along with the EV council. 


Our core project sponsors have started the outreach process to fleets all around Australia and our goal is to attract at least thirty major fleets to join our program. 


This program aims to bring together fleet managers, sustainability managers and senior executives to build the capacity around low emission vehicle strategies.  


By signing up your organisation, or as an individual you will receive :


1.     Invitation to free educational workshops which will include local and international speakers

2.     Invitation to drive days where you can meet manufacturers and drive vehicles

3.     Access to core data around key items such as residual value, vehicle availability, average duty cycles

4.     Access to total free cost of ownership tool which includes all vehicles and EV charging infrastructure analysis

5.     Access to on-line community message boards

6.   Access to free telemetry tools that can be used to create clear data for your business cases

7.     Access to knowledge bases, tools

8.     Become a signatory to a national challenge and help to set and achieve targets!


We invite any organisation with a fleet, or a desire to decarbonise their commuter transportation including fleet management organisations.


Transportation represents X% of carbon emissions in Australia. Delivering low emissions transportation is a critical  to meeting our Paris targets, but will also reduce pollution in our cities and towns.


Corporate fleets and driving commuters play a critical role in this decarbonisation journey.


They represent up to 52% of the vehicle purchases in each year, they can provide confidence to automotive manufactures that there will be long term demand and they can feed a secondary market for low emissions vehicles.



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