Director, Zero Emissions Transportation (North America)

We are looking for a Director, Zero Emissions Transportation. Evenergi is growing internationally, and the need has arisen for rapid expansion into the United States and Canada. The mission of this role is to support the Managing Partner – North America to drive the launch of Evenergi in the US and Canada. This will mean being a key resource for project execution, business development, account management, team growth and operations

Growth will be achieved by signing profitable contracts with organizations who seek guidance in transitioning their fleets to low/no emission vehicles. The transitions can be complex and timeframes mandated. Organizations do not have the knowledge or skills to plan for or manage the transition. The role will ensure the pipeline of work is maximized during this time of market growth and the team and product suite scale accordingly. Developing Evenergi’s unique value proposition: Evenergi has the tools that make the planning and execution of the transition easier and ensuring these tools scale to support the expected growth in the US and Canadian markets.

The Opportunity
We are looking for a high performer to be one of our leads for our Zero Emissions Transportation team in North America, delivering solutions for our customers who run large fleets, typically, in the government (transit agencies and municipalities), logistics and utility sectors. You will join a passionate team of market leaders in building zero emissions transportation solutions. We have built a profitable business that has retained its strong start-up culture and we live its values of transparency, eco-activity and empathy and we have highly attractive and differentiated products and services with endless market potential. 

The role

  • You will design and deliver solutions for our customers helping them to plan and optimize the transition of their fleet to zero emission vehicles.
  • You will analyze the business of each customer and zero emission ‘fit’ of their fleet.
  • Your work will include developing models to emulate zero emission fleets to a high degree of accuracy.
  • You will lead the team to develop the models that turn into recommendations and fully formed transition plans, including financial plans and emissions comparisons.
  • You will be supported by a team of industry experts and you will continually identify and attract talent to complement the existing team.
  • You will leverage your network across the government, public and private sector and support Business Development activities.
  • As a principal sponsor of the Evenergi Betterfleet platform, you will seek opportunities to continually enhance the product suite.

As our North American business is currently in start-up mode, this position will also be required to support administrative and business management functions as an acting ‘operations manager’ until such time sufficient growth has been achieved to necessitate the need for a full-time operations manager.

The role will also involve developing the team to ensure consistently high-quality deliverables and constantly reviewing the market and project profitability to ensure products and projects are appropriately priced. The key challenges in this role will be balancing a growing team of advisors and consulting work, while ensuring that the product suite is meeting the requirements of the market and leads to significant annuity income from each account for the long term.

The goal is to establish what will be the largest market for the business and a platform to grow and fund a global expansion.

Key Criteria / Requirements

  • Proven experience leading and project managing a consulting team within an area of complex delivery
  • 7-10 years of professional experience in public transit or transportation
  • A deep understanding of one or more of the following: energy markets, transportation planning, vehicle electrification, green hydrogen for transport, connected vehicle technology
  • Proven ability to undertake analyzes/simulations to determine the impacts of transitioning to Zero Emission Bus and Zero Emission Vehicle fleets.
  • Knowledge and ability to analyze the demand and supply of the commodities market (electricity, natural gas, crude oil, hydrogen, etc.) as it pertains to the deployment of Zero Emission Buses and Zero Emission Vehicles.
  • Complete Benefit/Cost Analyses and support grant funding applications demonstrating the economic and environmental impacts of transitioning to Zero Emission Buses and Zero Emission Vehicles.
  • Demonstrated ability to “lead from the front” in a hands-on manner as you develop a high performing team that works from the core values of being ecoactive, having empathy, being clear and transparent and driving transformative projects and products
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills, and ability to think strategically
  • Previous experience in a “start-up” business with operations management experience
  • Interest in sustainability, preferably in the transportation and public transit sector(s)
  • A minimum of a master’s degree in economics, transportation planning, engineering, environmental science, business management or sustainability

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and promote equality and diversity. Candidates from minority groups are encouraged to apply.

If you’re interested in the Director, Zero Emissions Transportation role, please send a resume and cover letter to