Future mobility consultancy:
Electric vehicle fleets

Consultancy driving towards a sustainable eMobility future


We help fleet owners to migrate to low carbon transport and associated energy infrastructure

Low Emission Vehicle suitability analysis

Data collection and analytics

Use our EV-Drive app and EV suitability analysis engine to determine fit-for-purpose vehicles

Business case development

We help you to build robust business cases based on data - including migrating to alternative eMobility solutions

Global LEV research

Our extensive relationships with automotive companies globally can help you cut through to the reality of supply and price dynamics


Learn how we helped ACT government determine fit-for-purpose vehicles

Charging infrastructure suitability analysis

We help you to plan where and when infrastructure is required and to develop smart solutions for billing and demand management. We are 100% independent - we are not aligned with any hardware or software vendor.

Data collection and analytics

We help you to identify which facilities are best positioned for infrastructure using factor-based analysis of suitability

Business case development 

We help you understand your core requirements around charging speeds, hardware selection, billing systems and load balancing systems.

Detailed energy analysis

We use an energy model to help optimise onsite charging and develop a clear understanding of capacity implications and costs of charging infrastructure

Supplier selections

Based on your requirements we provide an understanding of procurement models and potential suppliers


Learn how we helped ACT government select a 50 charging stations (growing to 300) solution.


Learn how we helped Sydney Science park prepare for an eMobility future

Communication Program

Creating simple and easy to use communications tools to enable staff to understand what it means to buy and own electric vehicles and related energy infrastructure

Explaining the EV transition

Producing compelling and inspiring narratives based on our comprehensive behavioural research programs that help amplify triggers and manage barriers to adoption

EV driver training

Guides for efficient driving and knowledge bases around best operations approach. Try our rewards programs to incentivise behaviours

EV buying guide

Provide guides to your teams around the performance and capabilities of LEV's under various performance environments

Executive vehicle programs

We can also help you to green your non-fleet vehicles with a portal to provide executive fleet packages


Learn how we worked with ARENA, South Australian Government and SA Power Networks to communicate to 1600 South Australians.

Learn how we helped the ACT government communicate to staff and the community.

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How to understand and shape the demand side of the Electric Vehicle market

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Overview of our recent research program on accelerating adoption of electric vehicles