The right home energy set-up for you electric vehicle

No one cares more about the cost and environmental impact of their power than an Electric Vehicle (EV) driver. You are buying an electric vehicle, so even though you are set to save a tonne on fuel and carbon emissions, you home energy bills will rise. 


Evenergi can help get the best deals every step of the way : Choosing the right energy provider, choosing the right home charging solution and getting solar and batteries installed and working with your vehicle charging set up.


Choosing the right Energy Povider

Evenergi produces a bi-annual report on the Best Energy providers for Electric vehicle drivers. We have partnered with three of the best who provide special offers to Evenergi customers. 

See how we selected these company and why we think they are the best in the market for Electric Vehicle Drivers!

Download our Energy Report

Top benefits

for EV drivers


Each of the suppliers we have partnered with has strong benefits for different types of drivers in the community.

Top 10

most affordable


All our partners are in the top 10 most affordable providers in the almost 120 providers in the UK

100% green


All provide 100% renewable 


When you select one of these great suppliers, we give you

£20 free green energy

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Choosing the right charging station provider

We can help you choose the right unit, get quotes from the most cost-effective and reputable installers providers in the United Kingdom market, ensure your rebates is provided. We will also help you get set up with the right charging network provider. 

Choosing the right Solar and Battery Set up

Electric vehicles and solar are a perfect match. We can help you get quotes from the best solar and battery installers and help you get set-up so that your home charging and solar works perfectly together.

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