We help energy distribution businesses plan and manage the increase in PEVs on their network

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Evenergi helps electricity network businesses better understand the potential impacts and opportunities from Electric Vehicles. 


EVsim is a world's first comprehensive model for forecasting the future impact of electric vehicles on the distribution network. 


  • Models impact at a Zone Substation level

  • Unique coverage of all charging typologies : - Residential, Buses, Fleets, Car Parking, DC Fast charging

  • Imports real-time and static data  to enable analytics across entire network 

  • Enables 

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How governments and electricity distribution network businesses can ensure that the grid is ready to accept increasing numbers of PEV’s and to do so in a manner that leverages to increased deployment of renewable energy


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We do this by providing

Professional services

Energy and travel pattern monitoring products and services

Apps to help implement demand response programs

Apps and widgets to help onboard your customers to ensure you maximise transparency to new customers

We are developing a unique EV drivers-centric approach 

Our approach looks at the potential impact on specific zone substations, feeders or pole top transformers based on the typology and behaviour of charging infrastructure likely to exist behind these networks assets. 


This recognises that maximum demand impacts will not be evenly distributed, but will be subject to a range of demographic, land use, and mobility factors and trends along with changing penetrations of solar, batteries and demand response.

Helping to capture an as-is view on your existing charging infrastructure through registration programs.

Current EV load

Providing insights on demand based on market surveys, behavioural economic studies,  sub-regional demographics and fleet adoption characteristics along with market drivers such as vehicle price and availability.

Future EV demand

Building and integrating travel data sets from Evenergi's trip planner applications as well as private and publicly available transportation data sets.


Providing market insights into mobility shifts and trends to understand the changing dynamics of the fleet based on migration to public, shared and autonomous transportation options.

Travel data & Mobility market insights

We help to build bottom-up data specific to a DNO territory based on our charging infrastructure typologies such as on-street, bus depots, fleets, shopping centres, DC Fast Charging. We use economic modelling to estimate the number of private and public charging stations per capita (for private)

Future charging infrastructure forecasts

Providing insight into the potential for capacity management based on each charging typology, and behavioural insights into the effectiveness of various capacity management strategies.

Charging management options

A method of mapping the EV model onto existing network operator constraints maps.

Mapping against existing constraints data

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