Future Energy, eMobility and Electric Vehicle Fleet Advisory


Energy & mobility advice

The Evenergi advisory team has extensive experience across electric mobility, energy infrastructure, behavioural psychology, machine learning and software development, gained from working with major government and corporate customers in Australia, United Kingdom, and France.

Evenergi provides a range of customised services:

  • Future fleet strategy & fleet transition planning

  • New product development -  mobility and energy-related

  • Energy and EV data management platforms

  • Grid impact studies

  • Staff engagement around new mobility

  • Community engagement around new mobility

  • Charging infrastructure network planning

  • Grant preparation and applications

  • Procurement documentation and process - charging infrastructure and low emission vehicles

  • Solar, storage and charging infrastructure integrated design

Our energy, mobility and electric vehicle advisors use our software-as-a-service product solutions such as Car Operating Cost and Carbon Calculator, GridFleet™, BetterFleet and EVexperience, to help develop economic and technical models to support the migration to eMobility for your organisation, whether it's for your fleets or for your customers.

Public sector

Charging infrastructure forecasting and planning, community engagement and fleet migration

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eMobility sector

Electric vehicle fleet integration, new customer journeys and new business model develop- ment, electric vehicle advice

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Energy distributors

Charging infrastructure network impact using GridFleet™ tool

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Logistics sector

Electric vehicle suitability analysis (including vehicle sourcing and procurement), infrastructure strategy and planning and simulation using GridFleet

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Energy retailers

Electric vehicle business model development. New EV integrated customer journeys using My EV Experience platform

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Electric buses

Electric bus suitability analysis. Detailed route-based analysis and infrastructure planning using GridFleet

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We work with eMobility leaders

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  • Helping local authorities to lead the transition to efficient, productive and sustainable eMobility future


  • Helping bus operators to seize the opportunities
    and manage the risk of an eMobility future


  • How to understand and shape the demand side of the  Electric Vehicle market


  • Overview of our recent research program on accelerating adoption of electric vehicles


  • How to ensure that the grid is ready for the rapid penetration of electric vehicles


Build your Future Fleet

Free BetterFleet Software

Create a powerful executive report in minutes with our free fleet management software for Australian Fleets. Including a powerful free fleet car operating cost calculator and fully customisable new vehicle analytics tool and scenario analysis

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BetterFleet Bureau Service

Modules for asset replacement plans,  electric vehicle charging station  infrastructure planning, sustainability reporting, advanced procurement analysis for electric trucks, electric vans and electric buses 

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Future Fleet Advisory

Our standard fleet or low carbon transport and electric vehicle advisors create comprehensive fleet strategic plans, transition plans, grant applications and advanced trials such as vehicle to grid

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