Future mobility consulting: Charging infrastructure

Ensuring electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) and the grid can support EV charging 


Helping regional authorities and energy network operators with charging infrastructure strategies and electricity network impact assessment

Evenergi has developed a comprehensive set of tools and methodologies to support local and state governments and energy distribution businesses in developing charging infrastructure strategies, and in understanding the potential impact of electric vehicles charging on the energy distribution network and on local communities.

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Helping DNSP forecasters to spatially allocate demand to specific geographic areas. 

Includes GridFleet™ Ausgrid Case study


Charging infrastructure consulting


Develop regional charging infrastructure strategy and network capacity planning

  • Develop a sub-regional charging infrastructure plan and map

  • Facilitate implementation of regional charging infrastructure

  • Develop communications to staff and local communities


Use our sophisticated GridFleet™ model to optimise the transition to electric

  • Site selection evaluation

  • Emulate charging routines

  • Understand battery performance

  • Understand the impact of local renewable energy and storage

  • Create a detailed total cost of ownership models


Select the right level of charging infrastructure for your organisation and your region

  • Manage long term grid capacity

  • Map regional infrastructure

  • Electric vehicle charging stations, solar car parking design and procurement


Manage the impact of heavy vehicles charging on regional networks

  • Emulate travel routes of heavy vehicles to assess the impact of charging on peak electrical demand

  • Avoid pitfalls of understated battery charging requirements leading to undersized charging infrastructure

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GridFleet Coverpage.jpg

Helping DNSP forecasters to spatially allocate demand to specific geographic areas. 

Includes GridFleet™ and 

Ausgrid Case study


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Overview of our recent research program on accelerating adoption of electric vehicles


How to ensure that the grid is ready for the rapid penetration of electric vehicles