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Evenergi & ARENA

This Project received funding from ARENA as part of ARENA's Advancing Renewables Program

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South Australian Government South Australian Power Networks

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Australian Electric Vehicle Association

Australian Fleet Managers Association Hyundai Australia
Mitsubishi Motors Australia

Renault Australia


Report Author


Daniel Hilson CEO and Founder Evenergi

Contributors to report

Jonny Hanratty and Melissa Gill (Behavioural Architects)
Dr Alina Dini (Verdant Vision and QUT Industry Fellow for technical advice on PEV
consumer behaviour)
490 South Australians and in particular the 45 that contributed their time to assisting us with the research.


The Strategic Regional Plug-in Electric Vehicle (PEV) adoption program (the Program) was funded by ARENA and Evenergi under the Advancing Renewables program, with additional support from the South Australian Government and SA Power Networks. It was run from February 2018 to July 2018.

The overarching goals of the program were to identify how to:

  1. Accelerate the adoption of PEVs,

  2. Ensure that they are powered by renewable energy, and

  3. Ensure the infrastructure to support them is implemented inthe most capital efficient manner possible.

The selection of South Australia was based on a hypothesis that to drive adoption it is important to focus on thegranular attributes of a specific region. South Australia was an ideal choice due to the existing high penetration of renewable energy (both rooftop solar and grid scale), and many other ideal demographic characteristics such as a high proportion of off-street home parking and an environmentally conscious population.

There were three key parts to the program:

1. The Charge Together project

Accelerating the demand for renewably powered PEVs in Australia - involving community outreach and behavioural research that aimed to dig beneath stated barriers to PEV adoption, to uncover underlying behaviours that played out when consumers were led through an actual buying activity. A series of practical interventions were then developed and proposed.

2. A home energy study 

that involved monitoring 45 homes and vehicles to understand the impacts on those homes ofowning a PEV, and specifically the impacts of then addingsolar/batteries.

3. A study of the impacts of renewably powered PEVs on the South Australian grid 

that led to a series of recommendations around how to ensure that PEVs could reduce costs of electricity to consumers, and help to maximise propagation of renewable energy.


  1. A public total cost of ownership calculator

  2. PEV Drive Day

  3. Home energy study and findings

  4. PEV-Drive app and data

  5. Key Report 1: Accelerating the adoption of renewably powered PEVs

  6. Key Report 2 :Managing the impacts of renewably powered PEVs on distribution networks

Executive sumary

Evenergi helped us clearly understanding and reducing the friction of the electric vehicle buying process, to roll out a local strategy to accelerate electric vehicle adoption, combined with a robust infrastructure developement plan

D. Waterford, head of ARENA's Advancing Renewables Program
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