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The Renault ZOE is good to drive and the Z.E.40 model now comes with an official 250 mile range, making it a more practical and therefore a more attractive proposition to many motorists.


The Nissan Leaf is a comfortable, eco-friendly family car with good looks. However, its infotainment system is outdated and the interior quality is inconsistent.


The BMW i3 is a small electric car that’s available with an optional range extender to make it easier to live with. Sadly, it’s expensive and other small electric cars are more comfortable.

"Our team use state of the art total cost of ownership calculators to work out the best vehicle package, insurance, and charging station set up and whether you should get solar installed or change energy providers.


We will also give you clarity around the environmental benefits and will ensure you are clear on the different features that each car has."

Daniel Hilson, CEO Evenergi

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