The most efficient and cost effective way to improve operational, financial and environmental outcomes

Planning your  future fleet is becoming even more complex. The shift to electric and shared vehicles is bringing new risks and opportunities.  

Betterfleet is the first fleet management software in Australia built from the ground up to focus on these new dynamics.




Optimise your transition to a greener, leaner fleet.

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BetterFleet Dashboard
BetterFleet Dashboard

BetterFleet EV Browser
BetterFleet EV Browser

BetterFleet Project
BetterFleet Project

BetterFleet Dashboard
BetterFleet Dashboard


BetterFleet Modules


Basic procurement analysis

Free fleet management software to compare hundreds of vehicles and create high-level business models to evaluate vehicles based on cost, emissions, safety and features.

Comprehensive localised cost engine including all taxes and duties, on-road costs and annual  running costs.

Every procurement analysis fully customizable: financing structures, residual values, fuel costs, green power, servicing costs, FBT/BIK taxes.

Powerful scenario analysis around holding periods, fuel inflation, km procured

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Fleet productivity optimisation

Data and analytics to improve fleet performance - fleet utilisation, trip distances, fuel efficiency, peak demand, downtime and staff satisfaction. 


Travel staff surveys

Understand current staff travel dynamics to understand the potential for change


Advanced procurement 

Input your own vehicles to understand the best replacements based on your own criteria.

Analysis of more complex operational vehicle requirements. 


Charging infrastructure analysis and procurement

Manage your charging implementation program from end to end. 


Electric vehicle technical data

Most trusted source of electric vehicle technical data. Real range (in geographic location)


Advanced fleet planning

Build long term fleet transition plans and asset replacement strategies based on emergence of new eMobility options (shared, electric, autonomous).

Comprehensive ten-year asset replacement schedule based on best-practice fleet management practices.

Run critical scenario analysis based on priorities. 


Fleet sustainability reporting

Create emissions targets (CO, CO2, HC,PM, NOx ),  understand the dynamics to get you there, and track performance. 

Emissions calculation engine based on emissions intensity for local area well-to-wheel and tailpipe emissions calculations.


Electric vehicle performance tracking

Track how your electric vehicle fleet is performing against expectation - battery performance in local conditions, battery degradation and charging optimisations. 

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System integrations

Our modules integrate with a growing number of Fleet Management systems, accounting packages and booking systems


Data from multiple GPS systems


Fuel card data


Logbook data

BetterFleet platform


Create a powerful executive report in minutes with our free fleet management software for Australian fleets. Including a powerful free fleet car operating cost calculator and fully customisable new vehicle analytics tool and scenario analysis

Subscription reports

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Creating asset replacement plans,  electric vehicle charging station  infrastructure plans, sustainability reports and advanced procurement analysis for electric trucks, 

electric vans and electric buses

Consulting services


Our standard fleet or low carbon transport and electric vehicle consultants create comprehensive fleet strategic plans and transition plans, grant applications and advanced trials such as vehicle to grid

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