Optimise your transition to a greener, leaner fleet.

A simple,  transparent and  cost-effective way to make the transition


Before you know it your staff will be requesting electric vehicles which will be lower cost to own, as well as being the most environmentally-friendly option. Will you be ready?

Set your goals

Create fleet migration projects that help you achieve your goals

Run scenarios that help you optimise your projects

Print business case documents and collaborate with your team

BetterFleet is currently being offered free as part of the ChargeTogether Fleets program

Evenergi provides premium support to organisations seeking to use BetterFleet. 

Large fleet owners

Fleet consultants and Fleet Management Organisations

Automotive companies

Charging infrastructure providers

Premium support

Online support for your team and subscription to regular updates


Support and training in the BetterFleet tool

Assistance with existing fleet data to create analysis of existing fleet TCO and carbon metrics

Review of existing fleet and identification of viable alternatives

Quarterly updates with new product availability relevant to your fleet

Charging infrastructure advice and cost estimations

$ - enquire

BetterFleet LEV

All of BetterFleet LEV

Charging infrastructure advice and cost estimations

Staff engagement surveys

Analysis of GPS and booking system data for more detailed analytics

Non-standard heavy vehicle or custom vehicle analysis

Future mobility roadmap based on existing fleet and potential substitutes

$ - enquire

BetterFleet ZE

If you want to change the world,

start with your fleets

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